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Gemini Window Cleaning was born from the dust and grime of a busy dirt road.  Sick and tired of my dirty windows, I picked up a squeegee and fell in love with the window cleaning experience. I married my love for window cleaning to my passion for helping people.

At Gemini, our goal is to provide an exceptional window cleaning experience and to build lasting relationships with our clients. We foster mutually beneficial relationships through proven expertise and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched and you can rely on us to get you the crystal-clear view that you deserve at a reasonable price.  We look forward to the opportunity to brighten your world, one shiny window at a time.

Did you know that clean and maintained windows look amazing but also prevent window damage, helps maintain your home’s energy efficient levels, and extends the life of your windows?

Don't risk a fall and give us a call to request a FREE estimate today!

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